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More on the Celtics and Wizards

Over the years I've had some encounters with firefighters and safety orientated administrators who have pointed out numerous fire hazards and lectured me on all sorts of fire codes. Let's just say that their attention to detail was such that I never thought about the possibility of oh I don't know setting off fireworks inside. Where does that stand? And did Tommy Heinsohn take advantage of the haze and sneak a cigarette? I guess we'll never know.

Brendan Haywood is a beast? I wrote the following about Kendrick Perkins before last night's game,

"I'm a huge Kendrick Perkins fan even if I quietly worry about his bouts with injuries and fouls. And I tend to agree with those who think he is primed to put up some numbers that people around the country are not expecting. And Perk is a much better passer than people realize. But he is by no means an elite center. That's why tonight is so important. It would mean a lot to see Perk have his way against an average NBA center."

And in the end it was advantage Haywood. Say what you want about Haywood chirping at Garnett and everyone else but the guy was a physical presence. There is no denying that. Man the Celtics need Perk to be huge this year.

If we're going to make rash judgements about one regular season game we should probably mention how much better Boston's defense was in comparison to last year's team and the visiting Wizards. It is night like that where I wonder how much Tom Thibodeau has to do with the effort. Don't forget he was briefly a member of the Wizards' coaching staff.

I'm a huge Tommy Heinsohn fan. However, I am not opposed to calling him the Minister of Information. He just sees everything through green colored sunglasses. And that's fine I guess. But it was enlightening to hear Jeff Van Gundy jump all over Tony Allen as the former Oklahoma State star got beat back door twice by Gilbert Arenas last night. Heinsohn half heartedly addressed it the first time and completely ignored it the second time. So here are a couple of examples of Heinsohn's rampant bias from last night's game:

  • Tommy said Brian Scalabrine would have a tough time keeping up with Antawn Jamison because the red head has a sore toe. Yeah it is only because of the toe. If that nagging injury were cleared up...
  • Tommy boldly predicted that Gilbert Arenas would not foul out after a couple of early calls against the former Wildcat. The implication was that the refs would never allow it. News flash. It's a star league. Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce rarely foul out too.
Outside of the Lakers, Pistons, Knicks and for some inexplicable reason the Bucks I try not to kick a team while it's down. That's due in part to the fact that things are bad enough. The Wizards are not on my scorn list. In fact as I mentioned yesterday are it is a likable team. On top of that I'm a big fan of Bulllets Forever, which as you know is a SB Nation blog. So I was intrigued to check out how Wizards fans reacted to the game. Two words: not welll. I know they've struggled out of the gate but it is just two road losses, one of which was in overtime. The season is incredibly young and I'm sure the Wizards will be back.

It really was all about the second quarter last night.

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