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Celtics Links: 11/3/07

Boston Herald
After one night it looks pretty easy being green.
Celts' revival begins with impressive win.
Look who's a bully now.
Gilbert's guarantee a big fat zero. Green Bandwagon Note - I realize I tried to provoke Gilbert Arenas into a blog war. And I'm obviously glad his squad lost last night. But I was surprised by how negative people were to him. Not the fans' booing. That's just a great crowd. More the media response. Arenas is harmless, entertaining and downright hilarious.
Boston Globe
Sense of entitlement.
They conduct a symphony of success. Big night no big deal for Garnett.
He's a guaranteed flop. Season opener photos . Green Bandwagon Note - Take a minute and at least check out the first photo. Kevin Garnett is borderline insane right?
Prediction deriliction.
Post ups notebook.
Celtics Blog
Game 1 recap.
Loy's Place
Celtics make Arenas eat his words.
Celtics 17
20/20 vision for Celts in opener.
Celtics 24/7
Celtics make Gilbert eat his words with 20 point victory in opener.
Celtic Nation
Time is now to shine for the new look Celtics.
Tony Allen the real story.
Sports of Boston
10 reasons why the Celtics won their opener.
Shamrock Headband
Belichick and the NBA.
Kevin Garnett's cover shoot video.
Part 3 of the interview with Perk.

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