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New CelticsBlog PDA Design!

We are pleased to announce that we have yet another new site design to introduce. You won't find this through your web browser though. It is designed for PDA's (Portable Digital Assistants)! I've long been aware that we've had quite a number of community members and site visitors either connecting to, or trying to connect to CelticsBlog via various methods of PDA net access. As those of you who use PDA devices know, many websites are not very PDA-friendly. So what I did was come up with a design that should be more friendly to them.

There are some compromises. You just can't put everything we see on CB into a PDA interface. Nor can you delete some things from this site that PDA's won't benefit from so much. Still what we have now is a new design for PDA users that should be much better-looking (by PDA standards) and easier to use than what we had before. Having a new site design for PDA's is not enough though.

What you need in addition to the design is a sensor that recognizes when someone connecting to CelticsBlog is doing so from a PDA, and then will automatically apply the PDA design interface for the user. So we did that also. That way, folks visiting CB by way of the regular web will be able to enjoy it in a way that is well-suited to the our more familiar use of the web and those using PDA's will be able to enjoy it better through their devices.

What I tried to do in the PDA design is keep every possible essential of what it takes to use CelticsBlog enjoyable. Everything else possible (which is practically everything) is gone. What is left is access to all of our blogs, our chat, our forums and other special sections with little dross. It may not be perfect and some issues may show up with it. Only people using it will be able to let me know about those.

I also don't have any time much to work on it further or even discuss improving it right now although I am interested in your input about it for future reference. Mostly though, it should be a good step up from what we had available before for PDA users. In time, we'll make it better as much as we can. Meanwhile, my hope is that all of you who may need and can benefit from this service out there will enjoy it.

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