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2007- 08 Season Game 1 Recap (Revisited)



Editors Note:  We decided to re-run the recap of the very first game of the 2007-2008 season, the start of the march towards the 17th banner.   Hopefully  you'll enjoy this quick trip down memory lane and this serves as just one more impetus to get everyone fired up for Tuesday night, which hopefully will be the start of the march to the 18th banner.  For good luck, Master Po will be writing the recap from Game 1 of this year.  -Green17

Out of the woods ….and into a field of Green Clovers 

Too many happy emotions, too much hope, too many words, and too many smiles to express in a simple game recap. It feels too good to be true.  

"I walked out of the dark woods and into a field of green. I lie down and rest my weary bones. Suddenly I feel alive and I know a new journey has begun. I pick a clover and stick it in my back pocket. I whistle a happy tune and begin anew."

On the 61st anniversary of Red’s 1st coaching victory, the Celtics re-named the parquet floor of the Boston Garden in his honor. This was more than appropriate and perfect timing.  

This new team of hope/pride/talent then proceeded to put a smile on Red’s face by trouncing the Washington Wizards. Trouncing them in a way that put a smile on the face of all Celtic fans across the globe. Ahhhhh….Celtic Pride has returned. 

A detailed game recap? That is what I signed up to do, but why did I? I don’t want to talk about specifics. I want to talk in extreme hyperbole. I want to relish this first game as if we won #17 tonight. Ok here we go……here is my game recap. 

We won, Gilbert Arenas is dismantling his blog as we speak, and we are flippin unstoppable. Good enough?

What? You need more details? Hmmmmmm……. Ok.  

Quick Stats: 

  • Paul Pierce – 28 Points, 5 rebounds and a very composed game. He was on fire in the second quarter. 
  • Ray Allen – 17 points 4 rebounds and a steady veteran hand when we needed it. Arghhhh….. Steady as she goes Jesus Shuttlesworth 
  • Kevin Garnett – Are you kidding me!!!! 22 Points 20 Rebounds 5 assists, 3 steals and enough enthusiasm to catch the Leprechaun in a Lucky Charms cereal commercial before he even makes a move. 
  • Rondo – hitting the open shot, very aggressive defense with 4 steals. Not perfect, not stellar, but solid solid solid. 
  • Perk – He was subdued, but not terrible. Hard to shine with three bright stars on the floor. Perk is just fine. 
  • Scalabrine – you guys decide. I still ain’t seeing it. I will silently wait for Posey, POwe and BBD 
  • Tony Allen – needs more lateral movement on defense as he got burnt a few times, but I think he will find his way back to almost 100%. I love Tony Allen. 
  • Powe, BBD, and Eddie House – not enough of BBD in my opinion, but I am not going to question Doc coaching decisions on a night like this when my mouth is full of crow pie. We won, we looked like world beaters, and that is all I know tonight.  

I will say the electricity in the air (via TV and in the CelticsBlog chat room ) was palpable. It was like a release of 21 years of losing combined with a breath of fresh Green air. It’s only one game, but very very satisfying for me.

In the first quarter we looked like two nervous HS teams who could not make a basket. KG’s first shot of the night never drew iron. The first points of the season came on two KG free throws. The only thing worse than our shooting, was the Wizards shooting.

With less than 4 minutes left in the 1st Quarter the score was only 9-8 – and it wasn’t because of defense. Haywood of the Wizards however was impressive, A block/stuff on KG and a measured swat on the Perkins lazer hook.

By halftime we had used some nice pick and rolls, played very solid defense, scored 37 points in the 2nd quarter alone ( Paul Pierce was on fire) and built a 22 point lead.

Celtics 58, Wizards 36, Celtic Fans Happy!

I must admit Doc inserted what I thought a crazy lineup in the second quarter, yet they not only held the lead, they increased it. Yes, the crow I ate tasted good. I hope Doc keeps feeding me the crow. He even had a nice play called after a timeout that let Rondo score an easy lay-up. Let’s all say it together: "Quit bashing Doc, stupid Po"

The second half believe it or not was actually won by the Wizards as they outscored us by 2 points - although it seemed like we still dominated. Wizards went 0-16 from three point land however. We still win with a 20 point victory, plenty of confidence, and Agent Zero has a win column total thus far to match his nickname. Now that’s funny.

Future recaps by me will hopefully contain more quarter by quarter detail information and be useful to those of you who cannot see the game. Tonight however is not about details, but rather about a refreshing big picture of blue sky in a "Green" field of clover and a new journey that has just begun.

Celtic Pride and Happy 61st Anniversary "Coach" Red Auerbach.


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