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11/4 Scouting Matchup

Bosh vs. Garnett 
The Match up:  act_chris_bosh.jpg
Bosh prefers to face up when he’s in the post as opposed to keeping his back to the basket and trying to back his man down. This is logical considering Bosh has a slight frame and is better at operating in space than with heavy contract. Bosh is much more comfortable on the left block, (87th percentile) than he is on the right, (49th percentile) so Garnett must be sure to deny him deep position on the left side.  

Although he’s highly effective putting the ball on the floor, Bosh can be bated in to taking the no-dribble jumper, which he isn’t overly effective at. Bosh is especially apt to take the early shot when he is isolated on the left side, (31st percentile) or top of the key, (43rd).  On the right elbow Bosh likes to drive baseline for the finish and is dangerous when he gets a step on his defender. He’ll use numerous foot-fakes and counter spins to get to where he wants to go, so Garnett should stay down and wait for Bosh to commit before going for the ball


Bosh is a tough player to defend individually, but Garnett has the physical tools to stay with him and challenge his shots on the drive. Bosh has good range for a big man, but his perimeter shooting is statistically his lowest percentage option offensively. Staying square and not biting on shot fakes is the best way to keep Bosh from blowing by when he puts the ball on the deck.  

Bosh has a great array of fakes and counter moves, so its easy to get drawn in reaching for the ball and allowing him to draw fouls. The best defensive strategy is probably for Garnett to give Bosh a bit of space and see if he’ll jack up some shots with the extra room. Cutting off drives all the way to the hoop and working Bosh hard when he tries to set up on the left side should keep him out of his comfort zone and push him toward less efficient looks. Don’t send him to the line by being overly aggressive because a player of Bosh’s caliber can’t be shut down completely.

  Bosh's tendencies: Single Covered in Post (25%), ISO (17%), Spot Up (16%) 

  • Goes right 39% of the time
           When going right, Bosh:
pulls up for jumper 28% of the time (NBA% good: 63rd percentile) 
drives to basket 72% of the time (NBA% very good: 69th percentile)  
  • Goes Left 61% of the time
          When going left, Bosh  
pulls up for jumper 25% of the time (NBA% below average: 29th percentile) 
drives to basket 75% of the time (NBA% very good: 80th percentile) 

NBA% Rating: 83-100=Excellent // 65-82=Very Good // 51-64=Good  //31-50=Average // 15-30=Below Average // 0-14=Poor                                                                                                                                                 -Statistics courtesy of Synergy Sports Technology- 


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