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Daily Links 11/5

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Herald  Seventh heavin' for Allen    
Grieving Rivers misses game     
Globe   Big 3 help Celtics claim a victory    
Doc's father dies, Allen reaches milestone
LOY's Place   Celtics win battle against division rival in OT     
Celtics17  He got game   
Hoopsworld   When is it time to blow it up?   Play of the Day - Ray Allen's game winner   
Celtics 24/7  
Ray Allen's game winner lifts C's over Toronto in OT    
Full Court Press  
Spit and twine  - some random thoughts
New look Celtics escape Raptors and start season 2-0     
Globe and Mail  
Celtics know Raptors will be tough    
National Post  
Stars align in Celtics favour    
Boston Now  
Celtics off to a good start   
Boston SportZ  
Game 2 Celtics 98 Raptors 95     
A Robot, Piece of Sloan  
Basketball not well suited for radio   
A Blog About  Nothing  
It's all about Garnett    
Sports of Boston  
9 reasons the Celtics improved to 2-0   
Toronto Star   Raptors lose to Celtics in OT      
The Sports Network  
Allen lifts Celtics over Raptors in final seconds    
The Toronto Raptor  
That's what happens when you shoot 27% for a half    
CBC Sports  
Boston stars outshine Toronto in OT  
Doc Rivers skips game after learning of father's death  
Game recap  -stars taking turns       
Pure Point   
Tip of the hat to awful announcing    
Minnesota Timberwolves Blog   
The cost of Gerald Green    
Al Jefferson ignored agent on extension     
Got Garnett   Comcastic!     
Toronto Sun    Sam big on Big Three      

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