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Allen Is More Than Meets The Eye

Matt Richardson had some fun thoughts on Ray Allen:
First, some thoughts on that smooth killer that is Ray Allen. Allow me to take a moment echo Mike Martin’s comments here last week about Allen’s all around scoring prowess. Those of us who haven’t watched him closely in the last few years (I hope I’m not revealing myself as a basketball pretender by admitting that I didn’t closely follow Seattle’s campaign last season) most likely developed an image of him as a pure shooter dependent on a steady diet of screens and double picks to get open. It’s been an eye-opener to realize he’s much more than that. He seems to have no hesitancy at all in going to the hoop and can convert easy buckets or dish when in the paint (but he had DOUBLE ANKLE SURGERY, how is that possible !??!?!). Beyond that, the veteran savvy he brings to the table is truly impressive. Watching him, does it even seem remotely possible that he’d make a bone-headed play at a crucial time? He’s like a Porsche; oftentimes not the sexiest of the super-cars, but technically faultless in a way that will serve the owner well when the various Ferraris, Aston-Martins, Lambo’s, etc. are left stuck in the pits due to their assorted imperfections.

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