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I Was Interviewed

I was interviewed by a writer from Boston Magazine. The interview was about a half hour long and originally was supposed to be for an article. It was a fun experience, but then it got bumped a month, scaled down to a blurb, and in the end they used exactly one quote (which is actually me quoting something I wrote at the time of the KG trade). I guess I'm not nearly as interesting as I think I am. But hey, it isn't every day that you get interviewed by a magazine, so here's the link. Read more...

A blog to bookmark.

When Jeff Clark launched his CelticsBlog in 2004, it seemed he missed the boat. Maybe even the whole fleet. The Patriots were dynasty-building, Red Sox Nation was on the march, and Clark, a Virginia financial analyst, was devoting himself to an all-but-forgotten team. Nevertheless, he hit the keyboard hard, and when Kevin Garnett was signed this summer, Clark’s ship came in. Bolstered by his already strong rep (he’s been praised by C’s insiders), site traffic has doubled as Clark’s become the go-to blogger for new and old fans alike. He compares his rise to the way Garnett once described his trade: like speeding in a Lamborghini. "Except," Clark says, "I’m strapped to the hood trying to type up everything I see."

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