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MVN Outsider Radio

Earlier today I had the opportunity to answer some questions on the MVN Outsider Radio show. Talk about an eye opening experience:

  1. I haven't listened to it and might not. But I'm willing to bet that I sound like a hostage. WEEI is not rushing to get me signed.
  2. Along those lines the host carried me. I can't stress this enough.
  3. I definitely did not say any thing earth-shattering. Kevin Garnett is intense. He plays great defense. And so on...
  4. I remember listening to Ric Bucher and Bill Simmons do a podcast and noting how many times Bucher said, "at the end of the day." It's a phenomenon I now fully understand. I didn't have any incredibly complicated questions and yet my mind raced and I blurted out all sorts of clichés.
  5. Special thanks to MVN for having me on the show.  
Overall it is something I would definitely do again. But I will really need to work to make the jump to mediocre. In the meantime I'm getting all fired up for the Nuggets tomorrow night. That means picking up the pace on posts. Heck I may even scout Denver in its returns to Madison Square Garden tonight.

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