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Where you at?

By now you have probably seen the video clip of Kevin Garnett dominating the huddle during a timeout on ESPN, Celtics Blog or the Fan House. However, I HAVE to post it.

  1. Teams can no longer hire a player/coach as it would be a way to circumvent the salary cap. This is similar to the fact that the Raptors can't give cash prizes to their leaders in second assists. Alas.
  2. Throughout his career Tony Allen has suffered a few injuries, been involved in a shooting incident and been accused of drifting at times. Currently he is cleared to play and not facing any legal challenges. So it is phenomenal to see KG all over Allen in the huddle. I'm hoping the Celtics don't push Allen too hard early in the season and he is able to round into the shape by the spring. Then KG's influence could really pay dividends. And yes Allen's playing time thus far (16:16 minutes in the first game and 2:47 in the second) indicate patience.
  3. Though the word is out by now, Garnett's intensity will continue to impress fans throughout the season. He is at a whole different level.
  4. The Washington Wizards are not a team that defends the pick and roll all that well.  

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