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Boston Celtics/Denver Nuggets: 11/7/07 - Open Game Thread

There is a lot riding on this game. The Celtics look to remain undefeated on the season. The TD Banknorth crowd has to prove that opening night was not a fluke. And most importantly the Nugg Doctor has thrown to the gauntlet. After a few e-mails he challenged me with the following,

"How about we settle this entire "BIG THREE" thing once and for all!?!? Whoever's BIG THREE out performs, (and I mean the sum of all the points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals with turnovers counting negatively) the competition's big three has to refer to the winning team's BIG THREE as "The NBA's REAL BIG THREE" in their game recap."

Now I'm not crazy about calling Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. I prefer triumvirate. But I'm also competitive. So as much as I respect the Nugg Doctor I really want to win the little bet of sorts. Ultimately the game matters most. But why stop at that?

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