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77 Points in the First Half?!

This deserves its own post so forget the open game thread for a minute. And I can't wait for the game recap. How many times did the Celtics score 77 points or less last season? By my count 5. And they came too close for comfort several other times. Thanks to reader Fly Gerald Fly for the idea to do the research on that one.

November 24th - 77-101 at home versus the Knicks. I hate talking about this game.
December 27th  - 77-100 at the L.A. Clippers. Remember when Larry Bird and company used to dominate that west coast trip after Christmas? I don't because I was too young. But I've heard about it. Maybe the Celtics will get back to that this season.
January 13  - 73-81 at Detroit. Now that's a team that has toyed with the Celtics over the last few years.
January 24  - 76-82 at Atlanta. I think Gerald threw down a ridiculous windmill though.
February 26  - 77-72 at Houston. No Yao. No T-Mac. Less than three weeks later a healthy Rockets team laid down a 111-80 beating on the Celtics.

Additionally the Celtics scored 79 at Orlando (January 7th), 79 at Miami (February 7th), 78 at New Jersey (February 9th) and 78 at Chicago (March 11th).

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