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Lakers Fans Buy Too Much Stuff

The Associated Press came out with a story that says that a family of four attending a Lakers game pays $453.95.  Outrageous right?  We should now all wring our hands and lament the fate of blue collar fans everywhere.  But wait a second, lets read the fine print:
The Fan Cost Index is based on four average-price tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four regular-size hot dogs, parking for one car, two game programs and two least-expensive, adult-size adjustable caps.
When is the last time someone bought all that stuff at a game?  Am I the only one that thinks that's a little over the top?  Maybe I'm cheap, but I always like to eat out before the game, never buy the programs, and if I were to buy a couple of hats I'd never think of doing so at the venue itself.  Personally, I think the cost index should stick to average ticket prices.

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