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It's A Laugher

This one was over after one quarter and just kept getting better.

  • Every time Doc coaches, we win in a blowout. 
  • If the last game was ugly, this one was gorgeous.
  • Ball movement (again) was the key to the offense.
  • Right from the start, Rondo and Perkins were stepping up.
  • Rondo with steals that led to fast breaks.
  • Perkins with blocks and offensive rebounds.
  • Then things just snowballed.
  • 77 points on over 70% shooting in the first half.
  • Yes, Doc could have gotten the starters out sooner, but they were having so much fun!
  • Love the crowd chanting for Scalabrine (and the resulting air ball).
  • Only thing that went wrong was Posey leaving with back spasams.
  • Just a fun game to watch.  I was giggling at the end of the half.

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