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That Was Easy

easy.jpg Hear that?  That's the deafening silence of thousands of Celtics fans with nothing left to complain about.

This blog had fewer visitors last year, but there was a lot more in-depth discussion.  There was more to worry about, more to debate, more armchair GMs convinced that they knew the best way to make this team better.  Now the heavy lifting is done.  The course has been set, the bandwagon is gassed up, and all there is left to do is strap in and enjoy the ride. 

Coming into the season there were at least a couple of issues we could still wring our hands over.  Would the team gel together?  Would the team be deep enough?  Who will take the last shot?

Funny how much less we are worried about those things after 3 games isn't it?  I am one that figured (before Rome) it would take this team a little while to come together as a unit.  It only makes sense with that many new faces.  Well, if this isn't gellin' like Dr. Scholls, I don't know what is.  Right from that first preseason game, you could tell that this team was going to love playing together. 

The one big key on offense is ball movement.  If this team is making the extra pass, there's simply no stopping them.  When the support players are contributing (like Rondo and Perkins were in Denver), forget about it.  When Paul Pierce is giving up open threes to rifle passes into Perkins for an open dunk, you know things have changed for the better.

Now, there still may be speed bumps over the course of the year, but none of them seem all that immediately pressing.  Injuries are something all teams fear.  We could still use some depth at the center and point guard spots, but there's still a roster spot open for either a mid-season pickup or a 1-for-2 trade.  By then we'll have a better feel for what we have in Scot Pollard, Tony Allen, and even Gabe Pruitt.

Nobody is going to compare Celtics fans to the pre-2004 Red Sox Nation.  But this still seems like new ground for us.  Today there was a thread started in the forms about Doc's decision to use Rondo to break the press at the end of the last game.   As of this post it was 5 pages long. 

There's just nothing left to complain about (for now).  We all knew this team would be good, but we didn't know it would so soon.  We didn't know it would be this easy.

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