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Boston Celtics/Denver Nuggets: 11/7/07 - Recap

  1. Bob Cousy was in the house and I figured that meant some mispronunciations, negativity and the word "behooves" thrown in for good measure. And in the end only behooves made its way into the broadcast. In fact at one point Mike Gorman even said how nice it was to see Cooz happy at a game. It was that kind of night.
  2. I was blown away by the Celtics passing. Prior to last night they had perhaps thrown one too many passes on a few possessions and paid the price for it. However, that was not the case last night. Three passes from Paul Pierce stand out. He threw a nifty behind the back pass in the lane for an easy dunk. He passed up an open three, choosing instead to fire a bullet to Kendrick Perkins down low for a monster dunk. And finally the Truth hit Kevin Garnett on the break for an ally oop. The last one was not even a good pass but KG climbed the ladder to throw it down. Anytime the opponent is compared to the Washington Generals it is a good sign.
  3. The Nuggets were playing in the second game of a back-to-back and the Celtics were well rested. Also much like the Wizards in the opener the Nuggets are capable of much more. However, at some point the Celtics deserve credit for taking care of business and going for the jugular.
  4. See my last post about the number of times the Celtics scored 77 points in a game last season. They did that in one half last night.
  5. I enjoyed the Nuggets gunning for stats at the end of the game.
  6. When I was 12 I lived on SportsCenter. I remember some of the anchors saying, "This is the NBA and everybody makes a run" at least once a show. To that end I'm happy with how much the starters played last night.
That's it for now. I'll be waiting for the Atlanta Hawks, one of the most random assortment of players in the NBA, to come to town on Friday. That means a gushing post about Josh Smith at some point, as is my custom. I'll check back in later today with the links.

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