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Daily Links 11/9

Herald   Celtics see the light      
Hawks/Celtics scouting report      
Baby steps first year    
Posey back to reality      
Globe   Celtics join the in crowd    
Posey's back hurting   Post ups notebook       
LOY"s Place   Just scratching the surface    
KG has landed    
Eagle Tribune    New-look Celtics executing perfectly    
Enterprise   Celtics are better than advertised         
Lowell Sun   Death of Doc's father weighs heavily on minds of Celtics   
Patriot Ledger   Celtics handling success well so far      
Doc trying to stay focused        
SLAM   Ray Allen got out just in time    
Born a Nuggets Fan   Reconsidering the Celtics game    
The Bull Pen   Celtics off to 3-0 start        
The Archway    Celtics trio possess more than just talent  
Real Talk   Allen seeing green while fans remain restless in Seattle      
Lex Nihil Novi    Celtics summer of love continues    
Sports Column   The league is upside down from last year    
BostonSportZ    Vote for the Truth         
That Just Happened   Doc Rivers:  Modern NBA guru?   
Worcester Telegram   Doc learned from dad        
Hofbrau   Scalabrine!!!!  
Courtside View   Posey not at practice, players put in extra work       
Comcast SportsNet   New videos      
The Coach's Take    Take notice     
Tufts Daily   A beautiful monster  
The Day    It's Larry Legend not Kevin Legend           

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