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Daily Links 12/10

Herald   Celts not backing down     
Globe   Celtics magic continues     
Tinsley ok but reputation reinjured    
LOY's Place   I remember...     
Celtics 17    The weak bench myth debunked       
ESPN    Hollinger keeps the Celtics on top of his Power Rankings 
Hoopsworld   Up close with Ray Allen      
MetroWest Daily   NBA best Celtics trying to stay calm     
SouthCoast Today   Rondo running out of the shadows    
With Malice   Olympic dreaming part 2    
Basketbawful    Russell, Bird, Garnett   
Green Bandwagon    Is Glen(n) a bad first name?   
Utah Flash Owner Blog      Up and Down   
Perkisabeast   ESPN - Especially Sadistic Peoples Network   
Sports of Boston    Celtics build on NBA's best record   
Free Sports Picks and Reviews   Bad coaching everywhere  
The Bostonist    The little nine speaks out     
Shamrock Headband   No lollygagging allowed    
BostonSportZ   It's love not pity     
Can Danny   A salute to Billy King    
Lex Nihil Novi   The book on beating the Celtics     

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