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Jeff Health Update...

I just got an email from Mrs. Clark awhile ago. She tells me that Jeff is staying another night in the hospital. His fever has gone so now they just want to make sure he is okay. If his health remains stable and indications are that his progress is continuing, he will get to come home tomorrow afternoon. He's started to hit a low point emotionally from being there but he is looking and feeling better.

I'm really glad to hear the fever has gone down. That's an excellent sign. I figure he probably just got a little yucky stuff in his system from his appendix before they were parted from one another. I know Jeff is tired of this ordeal, but at least it sounds like his health is coming around.

We often hear the sort of surgery he has endured as being somewhat "lightweight". As a number of you know though, that is mostly because it can be performed so well with such good results and not because it is a lightweight experience for the one going through it. Here's hoping he'll be able to go home tomorrow. No doubt that will improve his spirits.

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