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Back Home

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I'm home and resting.

I'm deeply overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, prayers, encouragement, and help from family, friends, and all of you.  My meager words do little to express the feeling.  Especially for my lovely wife who has been simply amazing.

I have a deeper and more enriched appreciation for those that work in the health and medical professions.  I am also reminded how fragile the human body is, yet how amazingly resilient it is as well.

I won't bore you or gore you with details of my ailment, but for those that are unfamiliar, the appendix is the Mark Blount of the body.  It's a useless piece of flesh that hangs around in the middle and becomes a real pain in the gut when things go poorly.  The only cure is to remove it.

(yes, I thought of that while wasting hours on a hospital bed, if it sounds over rehearsed its because it was)

Anyways, I can't promise to post a lot, but then again being stuck at home for a few days I can't promise I won't.  We'll see.

So thanks again to everyone's heartfelt comments.  I've always considered a man rich when he is well loved (by one or by many).  With all that I've experienced here and in my life, I feel like a billionaire.  Thank you with all my heart.

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