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Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings: 12/12/07 - Game Preview

In the past I mentioned how much I enjoy professional athletes' highlight films from their high school days. I also like basketball shoe commercials. Well add sketchy injury stories to that list. Kevin Mitchell hurt while eating a microwaved doughnut? Love it. Clint Barmes broke his collarbone while carry groceries upstairs? Awesome. And now Kendrick Perkins is questionable for tonight's game because his bed fell on his toe. Here's the thing, it could be true. But even Perk thinks the story is crazy. I learned of this story last night, ran through twenty different ways to post about it and eventually settled on just passing it along. Weird stuff. And as much as it would be good to have Perk, especially with Scot Pollard ailing a bit as well, I'm sure the Kings don't feel any sympathy with Kevin Martin currently out of their lineup.

So now I will talk about Ron Artest. I actually really like Artest. I know he has a checkered past. In fact this YouTube clip sums it up pretty well without even getting into his Sacramento indiscretions. By the way who the hell is narrating that clip? Really, listen to it. But back to Artest. I have to give the hat tip to Loy's Place for beating me to the punch on the clip below. But it is a must watch classic.

Some thoughts:

  1. I'm not big on calling people crazy. It's overused and what exactly is crazy? But Artest does look a little unwell here. Yes, he's in a good mood, having a good time. But there is a little Mike Tyson aura there.
  2. This was a year before things really fell apart in Indiana.
  3. Somehow he pursued a rap career. That is quite a stretch based upon that performance.
  4. Remember when he was traded with Brad Miller for Jalen Rose and the Bulls thought they got the better end of the deal? I've heard Chicago feared that Artest, and his penchant for throwing 45 pound weights around the facility, put Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry, a.k.a the future of the franchise, at risk. I have no idea if that story is true.
Overall I don't feel bad for Artest because he is responsible for his actions. And I'd never want him on the Celtics. I just wish he ended up in a spot where he accepted his role as the 2nd or third offensive option, did not force too many shots and focused on playing great defense. Or I wish Pacers had not imploded because of that night in Detroit. I just like seeing good teams go through the natural progression of rising and then winning or failing. A massive fight and a season long suspension are not a part of that progression.

Back to the Kings. I have no idea what to expect. But based upon some visits to Sactown Royalty, which you should definitely check out, I gather the season is not going well. For example they have not won on the road yet. Also as I said earlier, Martin is out. And their roster is a bizarre collection of journeymen, young guys, cast aways and over the hill vets. What exactly is the plan in Sacramento right now? Strange days.

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