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Daily Links 12/12

Herald   C's fans get their grove back    
Perk tells bedtime story   
Scouting report:   Kings at Celtics        
Parquet  power     
Tracked down    
Ray's a big help to C's big men       
Globe    Unfinished business    
An unsettling bedtime story      
MetroWest Daily   KG, C's get no satisfaction from fast start   
LOY's Place   Pierce vs Artest  Classic!    
Celtics 17   Out of the gate    
Got Garnett    Who's at center?   Celtics #1 in ticket sales for November    
Basketbawful    Worst of the night    
Yardbarker   Xmas Time - Rondo's latest blog     
SacBee   Beating the Celtics and the Big 3 would be major Kings upset      
The Mighty Q    Celtics are better than anyone thought     
Hoopsworld   Up close with Rajon Rondo     
Up close with Tony Allen      
Enterprise    Time is on the Celtics side   
Fox Sports   Greatest Lakers and Celtics of all time    
Haaretz   Batista is a big surprise for Maccabi Tel Aviv   
Courtside View    Perk sits, questionable for Sacramento    
Lex Nihil Novi   One win to .900     
Kings conjuring up ghosts from 86 Trailblazers      
Connecticut Post    Things you probably didn't know about the Sacramento Kings   
Boston NOW   Ainge's "baby"  (scroll to page 8 for Gilroy's latest column)   

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