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Daily Links 12/13

Herald   C's, Baby hit home run      
Davis soaks it all up       
Perkins Pollard injuries a big issue       
Wallace hurt as decision looms      
Globe   Celtics rule again     
Perkins got up on the wrong side of the bed   
Coming of age game for Davis       
Globe Celtics Blog   Our house        
Settling in      
All work and no play       
MetroWest Daily   Streaking Celtics overthrow Kings   Post ups notebook      
ESPN   David Thorpe's Rookie Rankings - Big Baby #5    
A visit to the epicenter of winning     
LOY's Place   Celtics move to 18-2 and 11-0 at home  
Hoopsworld   Big Baby shines as Celtics edge Kings 
No Perkins, no problem as Celtics beat Kings       
Celtics 24/7   Celtics win 11th straight at home         
Full Court Press   A Celtics blogger Christmas Carol chapter 4    
SacBee    Former King finds home with new foundation  
Looking green late        
Worcester Telegram    Finally a lineup change     
Celtics clamp down late      
Patriot Ledger    Garnett:  Rivers a rare breed in coaching  
Sports of Boston     Big Baby is a beast in Celtics' win     
Celtics 4 point play        
X's and O's of Basketball    Celtics man up on defense for the win   
Sactown Royalty    Fantastic recipe      
WEEI     Danny Ainge on WEEI  12/12        
Sox and Dawgs   Big Baby steps in as Celtics win     
BostonSportZ   Free throws bail out Boston 90-78     
Three Wise Men   Something's wrong      
Sports Illustrated   Five early lessons as the season begins to take shape    
Rondo learning on the fly as the Celtics leading man    A unique look at Kings at Celtics       
Beacon News    Rivers is on solid ground      
   KG living the good life again 
Star Telegram   Allen and Garnett help the Celtics return to power  
SportsAuthorityGuys   Celtics being defensive     
Common Sense Dancing   Toughts on the first 20 games of the season       
Courtside View   Time change for Detroit 
Shamrock Headband   Garden variety win       
Lex Nihil Novi    Doc's Celtics are mentally tougher than KC's 
Metro    C's hammer Kings    

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