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Daily Babble: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

This is one crazy league that we watch and love.

On a Wednesday night with eleven games on the schedule, we saw as much quirkiness as we have at any point this season.  So without further ado, rather than the usual monologue today, we (read: I) hit you with the goofiest highs and lows from the happenings across the Association last night:

  • In Indiana, Kareem Rush and Marquis Daniels combined to shoot 17-for-23 from the field off the bench, as the Pacers shot 55.7 percent from the field and took it to the Bulls.
  • Sebastian Telfair went for 11 assists and just 2 turnovers while tying a career low with no arrests in the Wolves' loss in Philly.
  • I have no explanation for the Mavs' complete failure to show up in Toronto.
  • Jason Richardson went just 3-for-13 from the field last night, but Ray Felton, Emeka Okafor and Gerald Wallace each went for at least 25 points and combined to shoot 30-for-53 from the field as the recently hapless Bobcats brought down the Clips at home.
  • The Pugnacious Papoose strikes in Boston!  Infuriated Infant!  Terrifying Toddler!  BIG BABY!  See Jeff's post on the matter for more details.
    • Quick aside here: If I have any personal goal for this basketball season, it's getting Pugnacious Papoose instilled in the Celtics community as an official alternate nickname for Big Baby.  Kind of like a third jersey, only in regards to a name instead.  Yes, he isn't an argumentative guy, and the nickname actually comes from his physique, but come on folks, how cool is Pugnacious Papoose?  And it does have some relevance to the "Big Baby" concept.  Work with me here.
  • The Knicks managed to allow the Sonics to shoot 58 percent from the field in a 117-110 loss at home last night.  The catcalls grow louder for Zeke.
  • The Rockets might have enjoyed their win over the Pistons a bit more if it hadn't been such a nail-biter (80-77) thanks to the fact that they shot 6-for-22 from the line.  Credit Tracy McGrady (0-for-5) and Bonzi Wells (2-for-9) as the key contributors here.
  • Dwight Howard had what could legitimately be termed a pedestrian 20-10 performance for himself in a loss to Milwaukee last night.  This dude is really, really good.
  • Abounding double-doubles in Denver, five of them in fact: David West went for 25 points and 16 boards.  Chris Paul had 30 points and 12 dimes.  Melo put up 32 points and 10 boards; Marcus Camby 14 and 15.  Finally, Allen Iverson went for 22 points and 11 assists as the Nugs beat New Orleans.
  • A tale of two nights: Stephen Jackson went for 20 points, 5 dimes and 5 boards as the Warriors upset the Spurs in Oakland on Tuesday.  Last night in Portland, he went 3-for-15 from the field, 9 points, 3 rebounds and 3 dimes.  Blazers 105, Warriors 95.
  • This was about to be another "Steve Nash is awesome" line, given that he went for 29 points (10-for-12 shooting) and 11 assists last night, but I almost got whiplash from the double-take I did when I saw Amare Stoudemire had six swats last night.  Well played, sir.
Just two games on the slate Thursday night, but with the Wiz, Flash, Kobe and the Spurs involved, there will indeed be plenty more excitement to come.

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