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Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks: 12/14/07 - Open Game Thread

Once again coaching a high school basketball team has interfered with my blogging pursuits. I have nothing positive to say about this development right now. To make it up to you I offer a link to the phenomenal Brew Hoop. Great blog, great name and great preview.

Go Celtics.

Update: - Ray Allen is sitting out tonight with a bruised ankle. Allen's ankle has been lurking as an issue all season. I'm just glad they realize it is December and are being cautious. Meanwhile, Tony Allen will get the start. He has been coming on of late, even with the 1970s size knee brace. Seriously that thing is obscene. Let's just hope he had a good meal before the game. What would be on the menu you ask? I'll turn it over to Allen for that one: I've been waiting a long time to post that again. Booyah!

Kendrick Perkins is in the house and ready to go.

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