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Daily Links 12/14

Herald   KG tops All Star ballot, Perk out, Pruitt back, and more    
Globe   Jones sees home fire rekindled    
MetroWest Daily     Pierce doing it all       
LOY's Place    Eating crow again     
Celtics 17    Tommy Heinsohn doesn't like Ron Artest     
Hoopsworld   Celtics get their first glimpse of Yi    
Ratliff to have surgery       
Up close with Delonte West      
Courtside View    Snowbound at Healthpoint     
Five hours later - the gang's still here     
Six hours and counting       
We have a winner       
And so it ends   
Boston Daily    Big Baby becomes a man   
ESPN    Player rater:  Redd romper   
Boston Celtics 2007-08  Comparing Rondo and Parker's 1st and current seasons  
I'm a Mathemagician   Glen Davis is a large infant     Slam Dunk Champ Green grounded with the Wolves 
TrueHoop   The Scalabrine phenomenon      
Fox Sports   Are the Celtics really THAT good?    
The Shamrock Headband   Media corner        
Lex Nihil Novi   1986 C's rebound from home loss to Portland with win over Atlanta    
Patriot Ledger    Celtics defense gets job done      
Lowell Sun    Where's Big Baby been?       
Sports Leak    Rondo hits layups not free throws      

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