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Ray won't play against Raptors confirmed that Ray Allen won't be making the trip to Toronto .  Doc's reasoning:

"I'm gonna leave him back. A one o'clock game, and I just told him, 'Hell, you sit one game and then we play a one o'clock game on Sunday?' That's not enough time," Coach Doc Rivers said. "He came in and tried to get taped, he came in this morning with his practice gear on. I just told him I don't think it's wise."

I can't blame Doc at all for this.  I think at this point, the team should err on the side of caution, giving Allen extra rest if necessary.  There's absolutely nothing gained by rushing a player back from injury when the team is 19-2.  If that leaves us shorthanded against the Raptors -- and then the Pistons -- so be it.

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