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Tough Stretch Ahead

Many outsiders looking for some chink in the armor point to the team's schedule thus far.  Personally I don't think it has been all that easy.  There have been quality teams and teams that made the playoffs last year.  There's no shame in losing to the Magic and Cavs.  

However, even I have to admit that we've faced some teams without their star players and haven't made the trek out West yet.  So the critics won't truely believe until that happens.  We do have to wait till Jan. 31 to measure up against the Mavs and then till Feb. 10 and 22 till we can take on the Spurs and Suns.  Still, there's a pretty harsh road just ahead of us that should prove to be a decent early test.

The team plays on national TV against the Pistons and Bulls, then has a rematch with the Magic before taking the first West coast trip of the season.  Granted, Sacramento and Seattle don't scare this team much, but the Jazz and Lakers will be catching us at the end of the trip.

Nobody is expecting this team to keep up a 90% winning percentage.  But if there are any doubters left, the team will have a chance to shut them up in the last few weeks of 2007. 

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