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Daily Babble: The Biggest Losers

The November 26 issue of Sports Illustrated had a fantastic graphic identifying the five active NBA players with the worst winning percentages among those with at least 400 games of experience.  Some interesting results (as of press time):

Jamal Crawford (New York, Chicago; 461 games): .306

Shareef Abdur-Rahim (Sacramento, Portland, Atlanta, Vancouver; 830 games): .331

Adonal Foyle (Orlando, Golden State; 652 games): .334

Eric Piatkowski (Phoenix, Chicago, Houston, LA Clippers; 775 games): .348

Eddy Curry (New York, Chicago; 451 games): .357

Given that this was originally posed as a trivia question to us by a magazine subscriber, there seemed to be several other candidates worth considering as well.  That said, we did some research and found percentages for a few other notables, some of whom simply weren't bad enough to make the cut and some who have yet to play 400 career games yet.  But this list could be a-changin' sometime in the near future.

The veteran guesses that weren't even close: 

Jason Richardson (Charlotte, Golden State; 460 games): .441 
Zach Randolph (New York, Portland; 407 games): .452
John Salmons (Sacramento, Philadelphia; 383 games): .465 
Chris Kaman (LA Clippers; 320 games): .478

Youngsters with potential:

Al Jefferson (Minnesota, Boston; 221 games): .412

Damien Wilkins (Seattle; 218 games): .413

Studs en route to glory:

Sebastian Telfair (Minnesota, Boston, Portland; 235 games): .255

Nate Robinson (New York; 157 games): .280

Ryan Gomes (Minnesota, Boston; 156 games): .308

Josh Smith (Atlanta; 248 games): .310

Zaza Pachulia (Atlanta, Milwaukee, Orlando; 295 games): .342

Dan Dickau (LA Clippers, Portland twice, Boston, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta; 251 games): .355

Primoz Brezec (Charlotte, Indiana; 291 games): .364

Just some food for thought.  Feel free to submit your best guesses, and we'll be happy to look them up and see where they fall on this list! 

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