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Daily Babble: More Losers...and a Winner

We received some good responses to yesterday's Babble on the league's biggest losers (at least so far as winning percentage is concerned).  As such, we provide more data today on some players who have lost a lot, and some who might not have lost so much as you think.  Much thanks to Money from the Parking Lot's Bill 'Willy Po' Powell for helping out with the legwork on the research this time around and to reader Who especially for his vast array of guesses.   Let's run down today's results, from best to worst:

Painfully close to making the cut:

Brevin Knight (LA Clippers, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Washington, Phoenix, Memphis, Atlanta, Cleveland; 600 games): .365

Guys who need to put just a bit more work into losing:

Chris Mihm (LA Lakers, Boston, Cleveland; 412 games): .381

Elton Brand (LA Clippers, Chicago; 606 games): .387

Lorenzen Wright (Atlanta twice, Memphis, LA Clippers; 747 games): .394

Reasonable thoughts, but not quite there:

Ricky Davis (Miami twice, Minnesota, Boston, Cleveland, Miami, Charlotte; 605 games): .400

Joel Przybilla (Portland, Atlanta, Milwaukee; 351 games): .418

Really not as bad as one might think:

Corey Maggette (LA Clippers; 537 games): .426

Mike Dunleavy (Indiana, Golden State; 423 games): .437

Kevin Ollie (Philadelphia three times, Cleveland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Indiana, Chicago, New Jersey, Orlando twice, Sacramento, Dallas; 553 games): .470

And, of course, the winner:

Vladimir Radmanovic (LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Seattle; 426 games): .528

Just more numbers to think about.  Feel free to throw more names at us, as we'll be checking back into the career winning percentage game every couple of weeks or so. 

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