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Daily Links 12/17

Herald   C's begin to open it up     
Rib right again      
Globe   No. 1 reason for Celtics success on display in Toronto     
Allen preparing for a return trip      
MetroWest Daily    Celtics D delivers 9th straight     
Celtics Blog   Celtics doing it with D     
Game 22 recap at Toronto     
LOY's Place    Celtics move to 20-2 as they close in on history    
Celtics 17   Defense does it again     
ESPN   Road gets tougher for surging Celtics    
Hoopsworld   Up close with Gabe Pruitt     
Celtics snap Raptors 4 game winning streak      
Up close with Yi Jianlian    
Power Rankings   Celtics on top
Full Court Press    It's time to adjust the standards of criticism    
SouthCoast Today   Dominant in the third degree    
Clips Nation   Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings version 2.0     
Edmonton Sun   Raptors fall to "better" Celtics      
Detroit News   Pistons have a shot at keeping Celtics from record    
Sports Authority Guys   The other side of the KG trade   
Time Intact   No toughness as Raptors lose (again) to Celtics     
National Post   If Raptors are the team to beat, Celtics know how to do it       
Out of Left Field   Raps:  Poseurs don't know from Posey     
Matt Oaks   07-08 Celtics or the 95-96 Bulls     
City News   Raptors frustrated by physical Celtics in loss     
Sports of Boston   Celtics improve to best start since 1963    
Musings and Meanderings    Why Boston should shut up     
The Sports Beat   Re-examining the Ray Allen Trade       
Lex Nihil Novi   1986 C's rip Kings, move to 19-3     
Bird Walton and Ainge defend the holy grail      
Canadian Press   League leading Celtics too much for Raptors    
Talkin 'bout Band Salvagers   West sympathizes with friends in Minnesota    
HoopsAddict    Couchside report Raptors and Celtics    
The Star    The morning after the night before    
Shamrock Headband    Killing dinosaurs      
Metro   C's claw Raptors    
Connecticut Post   Raging Rajon shreds Raptors   

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