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Brandon Wallace Released

News out of Waltham (Souza) is that Brandon Wallace will be released:

WALTHAM - The feel-good story of Brandon Wallace making the Celtics after being signed as a free agent out of the draft has apparently come to an end.

Doc Rivers confirmed this morning that the Celtics will release the South Carolina product rather than reassign him to the Utah Flash of the NBDL. Wallace has been back in Boston for the past few weeks after suffering a carpal injury to his wrist.

The Celtics had a Dec. 20 deadline to release him or be required to pay him for the rest of the season.

"I told him this morning, Danny (Ainge) and I," Rivers said. "We need (roster) flexibility. It was more that (than a knock on his potential). Great kid, though."

Interesting that they feel like they need two spots for roster flexibility.  I wonder what future moves Danny has in mind.

I'm sad to see the kid go, I liked him and his (long term) potential. Still, this opens the door for more roster depth.  Perhaps the team can find and sign a big man (PJ Brown?) and a backup point that could be counted on more than Gabe Pruitt.

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