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Beat Detroit 12:57 P.M.

The YouTube clip below touches on two of the most heated Celtics/Pistons incidents of all time. Some thoughts:

  1. Bill Laimbeer was a better basketball player than a lot of people are willing to admit. However, I'm sure Detroit would happily see him get ejected if it meant Larry Bird was leaving too.
  2. Focus on seconds 45 through 50 of the clip and try to come up with a scenario where Isiah Thomas works for Larry Bird and Bird does not fire him.
  3. Imagine if either of these incidents happened today. Blogs, columns, and talking heads would expound on it for weeks on end.
  4. I'm was not old enough to appreciate these moments when they happened and I still despise the Pistons. It's moments like this when I realize there is no chance for peace in the Middle East.

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