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Beat Detroit: 2:48 P.M. - Meet the Pistons

Arron Afflalo
I loved his game at UCLA. Loved it. Randomly "Afflalo" is incredibly difficult for a lot of people to pronounce. I have no idea why.

Chauncey Billups
On a team full of Celtics killers he might be the number one guy. He's a big point guard that creates all types of match up problems. And we all remember how the Ricktator shipped him out of town after 51 games. But here's my question. Why did it take him so many teams to finally emerge as a player? Billups is not a system guy like Matt Harpring who just had to catch on with the right team. I know his field goal percentages were rough over those first four seasons (39%, 35%, 37%, 34%) and point guards take time to develop. But you're lying if you saw this coming. Finally, Billups is yet another player that was robbed this year. Robbed of the chance to dominate Sebastian Telfair four times a season.

Primoz Brezec
Is Brezec tough enough to play for Detroit? More importantly has there ever been a bigger deal about a guy - dating back to that expansion draft - who did as little as Brezec? I just like seven footers to average more than 4.3 rebounds per game. Although he did grab seven a game in Charlotte one year.

Rip Hamilton
Tough to defend, owns the mid range game, money from the foul line, and so on. Now let the UConn references begin. Take it away Donny Marshall.

Jarvis Hayes
I wish I had something meaningful to say here. I'd even settle for a joke. Alas.

Walter Hermann
When it's all said it done no one will ever be able to take away last spring from the fantasy basketball players that grabbed Hermann off the waiver wire. Check out the best post I've read about Hermann thus far.

Lindsey Hunter
One of those, "He's still in the league?" guys. By all accounts a great guy to have on a team.

Amir Johnson
The last time these two teams met Johnson had 20 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks and three steals. I'll be shocked if that happens tonight.

Jason Maxiell
I like anybody who rebounds, hustles and dunks.

Antonio McDyess
I've always liked McDyess. He's a productive player whose knees betrayed him. Remember how explosive he was? Apparently he also has the ability to get under Kevin Garnett's skin. I vaguely remember this happening and appreciate Detroit Bad Boys reminding everyone.

Ronald "Flip" Murray
He's played for four teams in six seasons. Not entirely sure what that means for his future. From what I've seen he's a scorer. Ten years ago I would have advised anybody named Ronald to pick up a nickname. But the Rondald McDonald negativity is fading away. Regardless Flip works.

Tayshaun Prince
Hands down one of my favorite players in the league.

Cheikh Samb
Playing at a D League arena near you, minus a few teeth.

Rodney Stuckey

Rasheed Wallace
CTC, Serbian Gangsta, Ball Don't Lie, Jingle Bells, the championship belt. The guys is a comedic genius. At the same time there are all the technical fouls, ejections and the infamous Ruben Boumtje Boumtje incident. But when it really comes down to it he should have been a Hall of Famer. And for whatever reason that is not going to happen.

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