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Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: 12/2/07 - Recap

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Don't expect this one to show up on ESPN Classic anytime soon. The Cavaliers played valiantly without their meal ticket, LeBron James, and kept it close throughout the first half. However, the Celtics opened a comfortable lead in the third and hung on for the victory.

  • The Celtics won their 14th game last season on February 26th. Remember that classic down in Houston? Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady sat out and the Celtics edged the Rockets, 77-72. Awesome.
  • It is becoming more apparent that Glen Davis is earning a role on this team. And not just as a jokester/garbage time player/assaulter of the post game buffet. He is actually becoming a part of the rotation (21 minutes today). And with this development even Tommy Heinsohn has admitted that Davis could benefit from losing a few pounds.
  • Ray Allen shot 50% from the field, which was a welcome departure from recent games. However, he struggled from beyond the arc (1-7). It is good to see the Celtics continue their winning ways with Allen missing his share of shots.
  • I'm watching Youngblood right now. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this revelation.
  • It will probably be a while before Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett combine for 16 points in a game.
  • I just finished Paul Shirley's Can I Keep My Jersey? If you haven't read it Shirley, and he says this himself, loves to complain. It kind of turned me off complaining all together. So I refuse to be negative about a 14-2 Celtics team. It has been quite a ride.
  • Next stop Philly on Wednesday. However, I'm more excited by the prospect of Boston traveling to play the currently 4-10 Bulls next Saturday. Chicago is one organization that has toyed with Boston of late.

I've posted this video before and will do it again. It just felt like the right way to wrap up the weekend.

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