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Chances For Redemption

It is a long season and the team can't afford to look ahead or make too much of the ups and downs of a year.  But that doesn't mean we can't.  Yes, the Bulls game is just as important in the standings as last night's but I'm totally looking past them.  The Celtics have plenty of chances to redeem themselves against some high quality opponents in the schedule ahead.  Here are a few dates to circle:

  • Orlando 12/23 - a chance to beat one of the few teams they've lost to
  • @ Utah 12/29 - West coast game against one of the best in the West
  • @ Lakers 12/30 - Should be pretty tired at the end of the West coast trip
  • Houston 1/2 - Another rising Western team
  • @ Detroit 1/5 - Rematch!

They still don't get to play Dallas, San Antonio, or Phoenix till later on, but one thing at a time.

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