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Random NBA Thoughts

  1. You wake up on your couch one night with a Mavericks/Clippers game on TV and all you can think is, "When the F%&* did Dan Dickau get picked up by LA?" Moments like that make me love the NBA. As a side note Dickau has been there all year.
  2. The other night at the Celtics/Pistons game I was close enough to the Celtics bench to avoid getting caught up in the insanity of the jumbotron. Man that thing is evil. But at one point, as I watched people dance and mug for their 15 seconds of fame, I thought about flipping it off the entire arena if my faced popped up the jumbotron. Granted I never would have. But apparently someone did have the guts to shake things up. Hat tip to TrueHoop.
  3. I've thought a lot about Kobe Bryant getting knocked out of the playoffs by the Suns two seasons ago. I was never entirely in the WWMJD school of thought. That's What Would Michael Jordan Do? by the way. And that often manifests itself in people saying crazy things like, "If it were Michael he would have murdered at least one person in the arena. Then he would have dropped 55, including several soul destroying threes. Afterwards he would have stolen the children of everyone in anyway working for the Suns. Years later he would have released them as kick ass body guards on an unsuspecting public. Think Napoleon and the dogs from Animal Farm. And to top it off he would have put a curse on any unborn children as well. And salted the earth." Where was I? Oh yeah back to Kobe. In his defense Smush Parker got crunch time minutes in game 6. I just caught that game on NBA TV today. Let's just say Parker was the opposite of clutch.
  4. Speaking of the Lakers. Is Luke Walton good? I'm not really sure anymore.
  5. Speaking of the Walton family. Bill said Brandon Roy would be a Hall of Famer prior to the Celtics/Bulls game tonight. Just throwing that out there.
  6. The Celtics showed shades of the good Vlade/Webber/Bibby/Christie Kings that teams did not want to be blown out by, if only because of the screwing around on the bench in the fourth quarter. Tonight the C's were having a ball as Gino played on the Jumbotron and rooting on Tony Allen with a vengeance.
  7. Is it too late to bump that Cavs/Heat game from prime time on Christmas? I'd rather watch Grizzlies/Blazers. I'm dead serious.

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