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Celts Inquire About Webber

According to JA Adande:

Fourteen-year veteran Chris Webber is close to returning to the NBA, with the Pistons his likely destination, a source close to Webber told

"Look for him to be back the first week of January," the source said.

The Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers had also inquired about Webber's services, with the Heat intensifying their efforts after backup center Alonzo Mourning suffered an apparent season-ending injury to his patellar tendon in a game at Atlanta Wednesday night. But for Webber, a Michigan native, his familiarity with the Pistons players and coach Flip Saunders' system after playing there last season appears to make them the most desirable team.

It isn't clear if the Pistons are as excited about him joining their team and if he wants to play for a contender, the next best choice might be the Celtics.  Danny has been known to look under every rock and we need some low post help.  If he's healthy, I could see Ainge making that move.

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