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Daily Links 12/21

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Herald    Celtics quickly on the rebound      
Globe    Allen turns the page on  loss      
Payton wants to join the Celtics     
Gorman enjoying ride with Celtics    
Rondo profiled    
Hoopsworld   Seriously,  the return of the Glove?     
LOY's Place   Can the Glove fit?     Hot Ticket      
Full Court Press   Mike and Al break down the Celtics  
Red's Army   Bad time to be a Bull     
Chicago Tribune     Good but no powerhouse    
Daily News Tribune     Celtics take lessons from first home loss
Billups gets good karma for telling KG to go to Boston    
Star Tribune    Wolves:  the worst team ever?     
Bleacher Report    Best of 2007:  KG comes to Boston       
Slam Sports   No quit in Garnett   
Opposite Fields    Boston Celtics:  Overrated or unappreciated?      
Green Bandwagon     Is it easier to blog about a losing team?   
The Sports Beat     Live notes from the clash of the Eastern heavyweights   
Patriot Ledger    Ray Allen really was ready to play      
Pistons burst Celtics' bubble      
USA Today    Bulls Celtics preview     
BostonSportZ     Celtics Christmas giveaway game 2
Lex Nihil Novi     Feed the dog      
Connecticut  Post    Aftermath and thinking about options        

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