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C's Take It Out On Bulls

This one was never really close.  They built a 20 point first half lead and never really let the Bulls back in it.  Some random thoughts from the game:

  • Could you find two more invisible players than Deng and Hinrich tonight?  If you are into the +/- stats, they were -19 and -20.  Ouch.
  • Aaron Gray is a big stiff, but he's a good big stiff.  He'll be around for a while.
  • C's offense kind of had the yips for much of the night, turning the ball over a lot.  I don't mind that though because it tells me they are trying to move the ball (perhaps over doing it).  Besides, you can't argue with a 20 point lead.
  • Pollard only gives you about 5 minutes a game, but he uses those fouls and bangs around.  I don't mind that one bit.
  • Seemed like Posey and Pierce couldn't miss tonight.
  • I remember when I loved Scott Skiles because he got a young team to play tough defense and overachieve on offense.  Guess it didn't take long for that same team to tune him out.
  • I was happy when Tony Allen had a breakaway and simply laid it in.  Then again, I was also happy to see him dunk with authority later in the game.  He's picking his spots.
  • 25 minutes for KG, 26 for Pierce.  Ray Allen had 37, but to be fair he did get to take two games off.  Probably was good to keep moving and prevent that ankle from getting stiff.
  • The Bulls tried picking up full court pressure like the Pistons were able to do, but it just wasn't as effective.  With that said, Eddie House is no point guard.  They need to work on their press break plays.  Posey looks a little awkward as the center court release valve, but maybe with a little practice they'll be more smooth with it.
  • Nice easy win.  Bring on Orlando!

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