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Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic: 12/23/07 - Recap

Rajon Rondo

Rondo was 8-10 from the field, 2-2 from beyond the three point arc and 5-6 from the free throw line. That's twice now that he has been lights out about the Magic. A couple points about this:

  1. Donny Marshall and Greg Dickerson were dead on about how confident Rondo is when he shoots. Good to see.
  2. If Rondo continues to hit his mid range jumper and knock down a three pointer every now and then he will have one of the most diverse shot arsenals in the league. He already has the floater and all sorts of twisting lay ups.
Bottom line Rondo continues to grow up right in front of everyone's eyes.

Kevin Garnett

To be honest I thought KG's intensity hurt the team a bit when he picked up the technical foul. The team as a whole got out of rhythm and slumped for a bit. And yet Garnett's homicidal mentality lasted for such a long time that ultimately things turned around for the C's. I mean the guy was close to entering the Ron Artest zone. Bonus points because he loves to goal tend whenever there is a dead ball and an opposing player takes a shot just for kicks.

20 point scorers

KG, Ray Allen, Rondo and Paul Pierce all went for 20+ and combined for 90 points. The Magic scored 91. That's impressive.

Rocky IV

Is there any doubt that it's on TV right now? There shouldn't be.

The other side

Dwight Howard - I'll play Captain Obvious here and point out how bad Howard is from the free throw line. It's ugly.

Hedo Turkoglu - The more I see him play the more I like his game. I'm convinced he didn't play this way in the past. The shot was always there. But now he gets to the rim.

Carlos Arroyo - Did anyone else think he prevented a blow out? That guy is an enigma.

Final Thoughts

I feel like Bill Walton did on the 1986 Celtics when I watch this squad play. I'm not comparing the two teams. I'm just saying it is a joy to see this group in action.

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