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Boston Celtics @ Sacramento Kings: 12/26/07 - Open Game Thread

The Celtics travel to Sacramento tonight, a traditionally difficult place to play, for the start of their first west coast swing of the season. Boston will be looking for the season sweep after defeating the Kings in Boston on December 12th. Some thoughts as I wait for the late tip off:

  • The last time these two teams met Kendrick Perkins sat out because of his run in with a bed. Seems like ages ago. It's funny how quickly the season progresses and stories can come and go.  
  • This is the last time the Celtics play the Kings this season but I'm not sure it is the last time Ron Artest plays against the Celtics. He's a complete wild card that could end up anywhere. For some reason New York just seems right.
  • Don't forget about Sactown Royalty, a great source for info on the Kings.  
  • Can anyone think of a classic Kings/Celtics match up from the past?
  • I've wrote the following two weeks ago and still believe it: Sacramento's roster is a bizarre collection of journeymen, young guys, cast aways and over the hill vets. I'd still love to know their plan. It definitely involves Kevin Martin. Possibly Francisco Garcia as well. But it is hard to figure out beyond them.
  • At the start of the season I was under the impression that Tommy Heinsohn would not be traveling as much. I could see him staying home for this run through the west. If that is the case expect Donny Marshall to take his place. Regular visitors to this website know how I feel about that.
  • Go Celtics.

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