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Daily Links 12/26

Herald    Celtics at Kings scouting report     
Rising Celts head west    
Globe      Game with Kings takes Pierce back     
Stars were aligned in banner year     
Enjoy this state of euphoria     
MetroWest Daily    Celtics set for first Western swing     
CelticsBlog   Twas the night after Christmas   
LOY's Place    Celtics head out west      
Dear Santa,  all I want...     
Celtics 17     Has the C's season really started yet?     
CelticNation   Reasons to be glad   
The Enquirer   His role helps them roll  
Rondo's a catalyst      
Hoopsworld   Pistons want to be slighted      
Top 10 guards in the NBA      
SacBee   Looking up at Legends    
Above the Refs   The coaching conundrum    
Seventh Inning Stretch    Are the Celtics the best in the NBA?   
Star Tribune   Wolves Green finally rewarded for patience 
Lex Nihil Novi    Is Paxson on a short leash too?      
Havlicek's recruiting class at Ohio State    Pistons hard work keeps them elite        
Lowell Sun    Heading West as basketball's best       
The Washington Times   Sum of their parts      
Star Ledger    Triple doubles adding up     
The Bostonist  The night before Christmas 
Hoopshype   Why Scott Skiles got canned        
Boston Celtics and Sam Cassell a perfect match        
FanHouse     Who's next for the Bulls?    
Boston Bias    Christmas came early this year for Rajon Rondo     
Red's Army    Biggest test of the season part 2      

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