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Boston Celtics @ Sacramento Kings: 12/26/07 - Recap

I've been traveling a bit and have had limited Internet access. Hence the drop in posts. However, I've got some pretty good stuff coming in a day or so. Meanwhile, here are my quick thoughts on last night's game:

  • There was a stretch in last night's first half where the Celtics were atrocious. It started with about a minute to go in the first quarter and continued at for least three minutes into the second quarter. From there the Celtics got hot and were spectacular until the intermission.
  • During that strech of bad play the Celtics had Scot Pollard, James Posey, Eddie House and the Allens on the court. And Pollard was agruably the best Celtic out there, peformance wise. Ray Allen probably had a temporary flash back to last season.
  • Speaking of that poor stretch of play. Any doubt the Celtics need other than Rajon Rondo who can bring the ball up the court?
  • It's fantastic to see the team recover from a bad stretch of basketball and seemingly toy with the Kings.
  • Nice to see the Celtics win one in Sacramento. It's been a while.
  • Donny Marshall hurts my viewing experience. Be it the awkward pauses, bad analogies, repeated references to his playing career or downright questionable statements, he simply makes me miss Tommy Heisohn. Here are a few examples:
  1. Mike Bibby, when healthy, is one the best shooters in the NBA and one of the elite point guards. Bibby has had some excellent shooting seasons for a guard and big moments as well. However, I'd argue that he's not a top five point guard or shooter at this point. He's probably not even top ten in either. Wasn't his decline as a player one of the stories of last season? The reason he's still in Sacramento and not say Cleveland, goes beyond his big contract. I guess Bibby's level of play is debatable. But I do take issue with Marshall's contention that shooting runs in Bibby's family because both Bibby and Eddie House, who is married to Bibby's sister, can shoot. That expression, "runs in the family" would make more sense if House had a son that was a shooter. The fact that House married Bibby's sister has very little to do with their jump shots.
  2. Towards the end of the first half Doc Rivers yelled for his team to get two shots to Sacramento's one as the clock wound down. Paul Pierce promptly hit a three. Marshall got excited and complimented Rivers who was speaking like an ex player. Really? He wasn't speaking like a coach?
  3. Perhaps these points are minor. But there were a lot of them. And maybe I just don't like Marshall while others do. Regardless I'm convinced that better options are out there, particularly once Heinsohn steps down for good. Although Marshall does help highlight how good Mike Gorman is. Gorman could carry a broadcast with Mike Tyson.
  • Brad Miller raked Kevin Garnett across the eyes at one point, shoved Kendrick Perkins as the Kings got into transition and got away with a few other questionable interactions as well. I'm not saying Miller is dirty. It just seemed like he had an awful lot of accidents.
  • For stretches last night the Kings played inspired individual defense. For stretches the Celtics played great team defense. There is a difference. Advantage Boston.
  • Last year no one worried about the Celtis playing down to their opponents. It's a nice change.
  • A win is a win.

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