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Boston Celtics @ Seattle Sonics: 12/27/07 - Open Game Thread

  • I'm glad the game is on TNT because I enjoy the network's entire basketball crew, like the national attention and get a night off from Donny Marshall. However, I do think Comcast would do a much better job with Delonte West's first game against his former team.
  • Wally Szczerbiak might be the most depressed guy in the building tonight.
  • It will be surreal to watch Kevin Durant play for a losing team that makes tons of mistakes tonight. What could have been...And I'm not being the least bit wistful.
  • I just want to stress that I'm a huge Delonte West fan. More on him later in the week.
  • Hopefully Tony Allen can get some time tonight and bounce back from a shaky performance against the Kings. Time for a story. Remember the movie A Bronx Tale? Towards the end C goes to thank Sonny. They're at a party of sorts and C notices that everyone is smiling except for one guy. That one guy kills Sonny. Well after Pierce hit the three towards the end of the first half last night everyone on Boston's bench was smiling, except for one guy. Tony Allen. I'm not saying Allen is violent. But it's a roller coaster with him and he is not currently at a high point.
  • Outside of Durant I can't wait to see how Jeff Green does. I liked him at Georgetown and wonder how his pro career will play out. Is is possible that Glen Davis is better than him and the Celtics got the two best players in that deal?
  • This is a big one as Utah, despite its struggles thus far, is tough at home. Just ask the Mavericks. And of course the Lakers are playing well and that will be the Celtics' fourth game in five nights.

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