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Sactown Envious of C's D

TZ from Sactown Royalty was pretty impressed with our defense last night.  He notes that there are two major factors.  1 is that KG just does not get beat.  The other is that the C's have great pick-and-roll defense.

Rajon Rondo and all the bigs save Scot Pollard defended the pick-and-roll abnormally well. This is why 75% of Beno's shots came from the perimeter. This is why Brad Miller got to the rim on set plays zero times and had five turnovers. And the Celtics kept it up through the fourth quarter -- just a staunch, staunch defense there.

His conclusion:

If you aren't hitting contested jumpers and you don't have an uberstrong post scorer, you aren't scoring much on the Celtics.

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