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Daily Links 12/27

Herald   C's do it the hard way     
Bounce back is Big Baby's game    
Powe's a family man     
Happy return for Allen     
To tell the Truth     
Globe    Kings' reign over Celtics over     
It was a full house on Christmas Eve   
Sonics to thank Allen and he'll return the favor      
LOY's Place   Celtics begin road trip with 89-69 win over Kings    
Celtics 17   Arco demons exercised     
Seattle PI    Allen's return bitter, not sweet     
Sonics working to fill up seats     
SacBee    Cut late by Celtics, Jones reflects      
No holiday cheer for Kings    
Post game musings      
Newsday    Celtics fans expect more than just a fast start    
Full Court Press    Celtics report card for week of Dec 17-23      
All Hip Hop      If the Glove fits      
Hoopsworld    Celtics Allen makes return to Seattle     
BostonSportZ    Celtics Christmas Giveaway game 4   
Celtics Christmas giveaway,  final chance to win 
RallyTown   West coast trip will be measuring stick for Celtics   
BostonNOW   Scroll to page 10 for Patrick Gilroy's latest column    
Fans need to believe      
Seattle Times   Sonics ex-Celts search for roles      
Sports of Boston     C's dethrone Kings    
Sonics Beat    Opposing view 12/27 vs Boston     
Str8Hoops   Player nicknames    
Boston Magazine    Playing through the pain    
Hoopsworld    Celtics facing true road test     
Lex Nihil Novi    A West coast trip revisited    
ESPN    The Celtics rise fuels feelings of old times      
Shamrock Headband    Real monarchy  
Connecticut Post    Celts sock  Sac hacks back        

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