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I'm still stumbling upon access to the Internet at random, sporadic times. For example right now I'm at a public library. There is a guy staring at me, who may or may not be homeless, making me wonder if I should use my full 30 minutes. I'm also feeling a lot less good about this public keyboard. Another downside to this limited access is that I have fallen way behind what is going on with other NBA blogs. For example I was blind sided by the conflict of sorts stemming from the Celtics/Kings game. Give TZ of Sactown Royalty credit for his thorough look at the coverage of the game's physicality. Wow I felt like an ESPN football guy there using the word "physicality". On to the Sonics game:

  • Give the Sonics credit for playing hard and refusing to fold, even when the Celtics started to light it up from deep.
  • I'm giddy about Kevin Durant's future and fully expect him to move out of the "scoring a lot of points by taking a ton of shots" phase of his career at some point.
  • How about Delonte West getting his first extended playing time in a while and going full throttle? He's the man.
  • The Celtic most likely to get punched before the end of the season..drum roll please...Eddie House!
  • I was intrigued by the Celtics going with their second unit and Paul Pierce for a decent stretch of the fourth and then playing Pierce, KG, Ray Allen, House and James Posey for most of crunch time.
  • Any time a team reaches the previous season's win total before January 1st...well I'm not sure if that says more about this year's team or last year's squad.
  • Enjoy your Friday night and get ready for the Celtics' trip to Utah.

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