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Daily Links 12/28

Herald    A happy new year for the Celtics     
Magic returns for the Celtics     
West:  No hard feelings      
Five key Celtics moments in 2007     
Doc rewrites prescription for Garnett’s passion play     
Where in the world is Celtics icon Gino?      
Globe    Celtics win one for Allen     
West left with no hard feelings      
Presti Sonics boon       
Celtics 17    C's at Sonics live blog      
LOY's Place   Celtics triumphant in Ray's return to Seattle     
Celtics 24/7    Celtics match 2006-2007 win total    
Yardbarker     Rondo's blog:  West Coast      
Seattle Times   Green fails Sonics history exam    
Allen had it all wrong, Sonics made the right deal      
Too much star power for Sonics      
Deadspin    Blog fight!!!   Now wearing Celtics Green Allen returns to Seattle   
Sports of Boston    Pierce shines in Allen's return to Seattle   
Celtics four point play      
Worcester Telegram    Allen's riding high but Sonics struggle
Seattle PI    Big welcome and then subpar game for Allen     
Sactown Royalty   Celtics fans apparently afraid of physical basketball     
Lex Nihil Novi   1986 C's lose 2nd game in three, fall to 20-5   
Gerald Henderson bitter after trade to Sonics     
1986 Celtics beat Dallas to move to 21-5      
Connecticut Post   Pierce beats Seattle's best       

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