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Win This One For Red

auerbach.jpg When you are 25-3, it must be hard to get up for every single game on the schedule.  But this one is special.  Not just because the team could finish a West coast sweep (where the critics said we hadn't proved ourselves yet).  Not just because it happens to be our longtime rival the Lakers.  There's something a little extra to root for tonight.

Marc Spears reports:

The Lakers' Phil Jackson tied Red Auerbach for seventh on the all-time NBA coaching victories list at 938 with the Lakers' 123-109 win Friday night over Utah.

Jackson could pass the Celtics legend with a victory over Boston at the Staples Center tonight.

The Celtics defeated the Lakers, 107-94, in Boston on Nov. 23.

"It's a great record. Phil is a great coach," Celtics forward Paul Pierce said. "But we are just going to try to extend that for one more game."

Honestly, does the team need any more motivation than that?  Sure, Phil will break the record sooner or later, but not on our watch.  Not tonight.  Red never liked Phil Jackson that much.  I think he'd like it if we beat him tonight.

Update: The Herald has the story too.  Mark Murphy reports that Red's daughter Randy will be in attendance tonight. 

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